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For the first time ever, fantasy football is now a national fundraiser!

Fantasy Gives is breaking the mold and presents a new way for you to support non-profit groups. Now, you can have a great time playing fantasy football and support your favorite charity at the same time.

Fantasy Gives wants you to get value for your hard earned contributions.  For your charitable efforts, you could win thousands of dollars in weekly prizes.

Whether you’re a seasoned fantasy football player or novice just getting started, our fantasy football contests are easy to learn and fun to play

When you are having fun supporting charities…everybody wins!

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The contests follow the popular daily fantasy sports (DFS) format as seen on commercials by FanDuel™ and Draft Kings™.

The contests are fun and easy for both experienced and first-time fantasy football participants.

There are no long drafts and minimal time restrictions. You are able to set your lineup in less than 5 minutes.

Unlike traditional fantasy football leagues that require your participation throughout the entire season; we have convenient one-week contests. There are no long-term commitments and multiple contests for every week of the NFL season (17 weeks).

Each week the contests are reset, it does not matter when you get started during the football season, there is no advantage or disadvantage in game play.

Fantasy Gives operates strictly a fundraiser and not daily fantasy sports website, there are no gambling aspects or fantasy sports regulation restrictions. Our fundraiser is available to participants in all states.

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The prize pool for each contest (multiple contests each week):

  • 1st place = $100
  • 2nd place = $50
  • 3rd place = $30

First and foremost, this is a fundraiser to support non-profit groups.  The fantasy sports aspect of the fundraiser is solely for the purpose of entertainment and fun.  The weekly prizes are provided generate excitement and increase participation.

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Our contests affordable for everyone.

  • ROOKIE PACKAGE:  $10 – single entry
  • PRO PACKAGE:  $50 – 8 entries
  • MVP PACKAGE (BEST VALUE):  $150 – 30 entries

You can have unlimited entries to any contest.  Entries are non-transferable.


Everyone that purchase the MVP Package, will automatically by entered into a raffle for $1,000 cash prize to be drawn at seasons end. Our way of saying, “thank you” for your generosity in supporting non-profit groups.

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Our contest structure provides for more opportunities and better chances for you to be successful.

  • The contests are purposely kept to a small number of participants (better odds of winning).
  • There are multiple contests each week (more chances to win).
  • There are no limits to your number of times you can enter a contest.

The more often you play, the better your odds of winning!  Most importantly, more money goes to your favorite charity!

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Need help picking a lineup, we have got you covered.  We have two free websites that provide all the analysis and information you need to pick a lineup like an expert.

Both websites explain the game of football in its simplest terms for novices, teach you how to play fantasy football and give you the tools to be successful in the contests.

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  • 1 Quarterback
  • 2 Running Backs
  • 3 Wide Receivers
  • 1 Tight End
  • 1 Kicker
  • 1 Defense

Picking a lineup is quick and easy.

  • You pick a lineup of your favorite players while remaining under a virtual salary cap limit (budget).
  • Each fantasy player has a predetermined value and you can spend up to $60,000 (virtual dollars) on your roster.
  • Once your lineup is completely filled, you’re ready to go!

Salaries are created by Fantasy Gives and can change week to week. They will be based on how the actual players are performing during the season.  The key is finding a mix of superstars that are excelling and bargain players that are outperforming their salary value.

Please note:  It is possible that other participants will have some of the same players in their lineups.  Rarely do two participants have the same lineup, but it is conceivable.


Do not over-think or over-complicate creating a lineup.  Your main objectives are to have fun and support your favorite charity.  When your heart is in the right place (and it is by the simple virtue of you participating in this fundraiser), good things seem to follow.  We have found that quite often “beginners’ luck” comes into play during the contests.

Some fun ways of picking a lineup:

  • Player Image – sometimes you can just look at someone and know that you want them on your team
  • College – pick players from your favorite school
  • Hometown – nothing wrong with being a homer
  • Favorite NFL team – pick players from the team you already root for
  • Team Colors – trust us, we have seen this method work

The bottom line is even the so called experts are only making educated guesses.  No one really knows how a player is going to perform during a game.  Your guess is as good as anyone else.

If you are torn between several players, create several different lineups.  The cost to enter is nominal.  Ultimately, your favorite charity is the beneficiary.


Once you have picked your starting lineup, the goal is to have your team earn you more points than the other teams in the weekly contests! Below are the charts for how offense and defense points are accumulated.


  • Passing Yards = 0.04 pts
  • Passing Touchdowns = 4 pts
  • Rushing Yards = 0.1 pts
  • Rushing Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Receiving Yards = 0.1 pts
  • Receiving Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Receptions = 0.5 pts
  • Kickoff Return Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Punt Return Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Own Fumbles Recovered For Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Two-Point Conversions Scored = 2 pts
  • Two-Point Conversion Passes = 2 pts
  • Field Goals From 0-39 yards = 3 pts
  • Field Goals From 40-49 yards = 4 pts
  • Field Goals From 50+ yards = 5 pts
  • Extra Point Conversions = 1 pt
  • Interceptions = (-1 pt)
  • Fumbles Lost = (-2 pts)


  • Sacks = 1 pt
  • Blocked Kicks = 2 pts
  • Interceptions Made = 2 pts
  • Opponent Fumbles Recovered = 2 pts
  • Safeties = 2 pts
  • Return Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • Fumble Return Touchdowns = 6 pts
  • 0 Points Allowed = 10 pts
  • 1-6 Points Allowed = 7 pts
  • 7-13 Points Allowed = 4 pts
  • 14-20 Points Allowed = 1 pt
  • 21-27 Points Allowed = 0 pts
  • 28-34 Points Allowed = (-1 pt)
  • 35+ Points Allowed = (-4 pts)

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  • Select a contest and click on the Play button
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  • Select your Lineup and click on the Submit button

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Play It Forward (Color Logo on Transparent Background) 2* Fantasy Gives is strictly a fundraiser and NOT a gambling and/or DFS website. All contests are for entertainment purposes and the revenue generated will be provided to the designated non-profit groups.  Donations are suggested.  Non-profit revenue based on MVP package for calculation purposes.  Fantasy Gives makes no guarantees as to the amount of revenue any non-profit group will receive.

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